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Taiwanese crafts to shine at Smithsonian Craft Show
An exhibition titled "Matière of Life" will be held at the 2018 Smithsonian Craft Show from April 26 to 29 to showcase Taiwan's unique craftsmanship in Washington, DC. The special four-day event will feature lectures, Taiwanese craft demonstrations, and a special exhibition of craft art. The 30 sets of work selected for display will include dining utensils, tea sets, stationary, furniture, and handcrafted accessories. "Matière of Life" is curated by the National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Institute, Taiwan’s premiere crafts center that seeks to add value to craft products through interdisciplinary collaboration. Such innovations are then showcased on the international stage under the brand name "Yii." One iconic piece from the Yii collection is the "Bambool/Barstool," which is constructed using three bamboo tubes which have been split at the top and then woven to form a seat. Such displays of meticulous craftsmanship and elegant design will take the center stage of "Matière of Life." Twelve events ranging from pottery and bamboo-weaving demonstrations to tea ceremonies will also be held alongside the exhibition. Smithsonian researchers Paul Michael Taylor, Jared M. Koller, and Robert Pontsioen will also introduce visiting Taiwanese artisans in an April 29 forum titled "The Smithsonian’s Historic Collections from Taiwan and Taiwan’s Dynamic Crafts Today." Taiwan participation at the 2018 Smithsonian Craft Show is made possible upon the invitation from the Smithsonian Women’s Committee, with support from the Smithsonian's Asian Cultural History Program and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States.   'Matière of Life : Taiwan Crafts Exhibition' Date: April 26 – 29, 2018 Event: Smithsonian Craft Show 2018 Venue: Auditorium, National Building Museum Address: 401 F St., NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Site: www.smithsoniancraftshow.org Hours: April 26, 10.30am to 8pm April 27, 10.30am to 5.30pm April 28, 10.30am to 5.30pm April 29, 10.30am to 5pm
Taiwan-themed arts fest to bring music, literature to Macau
Date: 2018-04-12 ~ 2018-04-22 The annual 10-day Taiwan Festival will return to Macau under the 2018 theme “Breeze of Taiwan” with a wide range of cultural events from April 12 through 22. Organized by the Ministry of Culture’s Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre in Hong Kong, the festival will offer an exhibition, a music concert, forums, workshops, and guided tours for the Macanese public to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan culture. Up-and-coming Chinese classical musicians Jen Chung (任重) and Du Wan-lin (杜宛霖) will be invited to open the festival with their performance of xiao and yangqin at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House on April 13. The exhibition portion of the festival will showcase artworks by Wang Chieh (王傑), a Keelung-based painter, author, and illustrator who documents the land of Taiwan through watercolor paintings. The featured paintings, which include a panoramic illustration of Keelung, will offer glimpses into the landscapes, lives, and social issues observed by Wang in the harbor city of Keelung. A related forum and workshop on Wang’s preservation of culture through art will also be held in conjunction with the exhibition. ABAO (阿爆), a Paiwan singer who captured the Golden Melody Awards for Best Aboriginal Album and Best Album Producer with her 2017 album “Vavayan,” will present her dynamic songs in the Paiwan language. She will perform music that integrates ancient Paiwan ballads with rock, soul, reggae, and R&B through her powerful and memorable voice in the concert. A series of literature forums will be held by contemporary novelist Egoyan Zheng (伊格言), who plans to explore “Imagining the World – Novel, Poetry, and AI” with Macanese poet Un Sio-san (袁紹珊) at the festival. Fumin Yang (楊富閔), author of “A Boy Named Flora A (花甲男孩)” – a bestseller that has been adapted into a drama series of the same title – will also be invited to hold dialogue with scholar Lei Chin-pang (李展鵬). Page Tsou (鄒駿昇), the first Taiwanese illustrator to receive the top prize at Italy’s prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair, will explore the topic “The Road of Creation to the World” with Macanese graphic designer Cheang Chi-wai (鄭志偉). Additional guided tours organized by the Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association will be made available for visitors to learn about the history and architectural features of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House in evening hours. Taiwan Festival 2018 – Breeze of Taiwan Date: April 12—22, 2017 Venues: Sun Yat Sen Memorial House Av. Sidonio Pais (opposite the police station), Macau Pin-to Livros & Musica 47 R. de Coelho do Amaral, Macau Júbilo 31 Books 31 R. de São Roque, Macau LIVE Music Association 11B, 50 Avenida do Coronel Mesquita Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Macau Website: Taiwan Festival Macau Related Content Page Tsou Wang Chieh @ Facebook ABAO @ Facebook
Taiwan delegation set to join 2018 Bologna Children's Book Fair
Date: 2018-03-26 ~ 2018-03-29 The Taiwan pavilion will return to Italy’s prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair – which is slated for March 26 through 29 – with more than 400 works and a special exhibition on the best of Taiwanese illustrations. Under the banner “Taiwan! Library of the Fantastic” this year, the Taiwan pavilion will offer “Recommended Illustrators,” “Select Taiwan Books,” “Digital Publications,” “Publishers,” and “Licensing Deals and Activities” sections to promote outstanding children’s books, comic books, and graphic novels. In addition, the pavilion will hold forums and book-signing sessions that feature four illustrators of diverse styles, including world-famous illustrator Jimmy Liao (幾米), the 2017 BolognaRagazzi Award art category winner Page Tsou (鄒駿昇), picture book author Tang Tang (唐唐), and up-and-coming artist Chen Chu-li (陳姝里). In 1967, the book fair also launched the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, which serves as an exchange platform for publishers. In 1989, Hsu Su-hsia (徐素霞) became the first Taiwanese illustrator to be selected by the exhibition with “Water Buffalo and Straw Man (水牛與稻草人).” Following Hsu, a total of 59 Taiwanese illustrators have since selected by the exhibition, with a total of 43 nominations so far. This year, five Taiwanese illustrators have been selected by the exhibition, including artists Lin Lian-an (林廉恩), Liu Hsu-kung (劉旭恭), Cindy Wume (吳欣芷), Ahn Zhe (安哲), and Liuu Yunn-jwu (劉韻竹). To present the dynamic cultures and creativity of Taiwan, the pavilion will also hold a special exhibition to showcase the Bologna-selected Taiwan works of the last three decades as well as three BolognaRagazzi Award-winning works from the past three years. An additional International Publication project will also be launched by the pavilion to assist Taiwanese illustrators and editors in introducing and marketing their works. This year, the project has selected illustrator Wang Chuen-tz (王春子) to attend the book fair. Deputy Culture Minister Celest Hsiao-ching Ting (丁曉菁) noted that the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is an important platform for illustrators around the world, and that the Ministry will continue helping children’s books from Taiwan meet potential buyers and expand into foreign markets through organizing forums and promotional events.   Taiwan Pavilion @ Bologna Children’s Book Fair Date: March 26 – 29, 2018 Venue: Bologna Exhibition Center Address: Piazza Costituzione, 6, 40128 Bologna, Italy Website: Bologna Children’s Book Fair Related Content Chen Chu-li @ Facebook Hsu Su-hsia @ Facebook Lin Lian-an @ Facebook Cindy Wume @ Facebook Wang Chuen-tz Personal Website Ahn Zhe Personal Website
LA exhibition to feature a taste of Taiwan literature
Date: 2018-03-06 ~ 2018-04-23 Shortly after the celebration of Lunar New Year, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles will welcome the year with a meticulously designed exhibit titled “Taste Taiwan: Taiwanese Delicacies and Food Literature.” The exhibit will be open to the public between March 6 and April 23 at Taiwan Academy’s gallery located in Westwood, Los Angeles. During the exhibit, several interspersed public events will take place in the gallery, featuring food writers, TV personalities and radio host, and scholars, to explore the nostalgia and cultural significance of Taiwanese delicacies, as well as to taste the food while enjoying the literary discussions surrounding the intricacies of Taiwanese food culture. Delicacies are a precious cultural resource, and the specific history of food literature surrounding Taiwanese delicacies especially possess profound cultural meaning. Using “food literature” as a starting point, the “Taste Taiwan” exhibit curated an audiovisual experience focusing on the cross sections of food and literature. The exhibition presents six pieces of Taiwanese literature, each about a special variety of Taiwanese food — Bubble Tea, Railway Bento Box, Lu Rou Fan (Minced Pork Rice), Taiwanese Grilled Sausage, Pōng-Bí-Phang (Pop-Rice), and Popiah (Steamed Spring Roll). Each variety will be presented by three prominent writers who turns letters into mouth-watering morsels: Jiao Tong (焦桐), Han Liang-lu (韓良露), and Han Liang-yi (韓良憶). Short video excerpts and photographs of these famous food writers are strewn throughout the gallery, with food models of these delicacies presented in sculptural forms. Audiences will be immersed in the experience with atmospheric sounds. In order to guide the audience to greater understanding of the unique influence of food on literature in Taiwan, the Taiwan Academy will host three public dialogues by inviting experts, scholars, and writers of culinary and literary realms to share the insightful about food and writing in Taiwan. Speakers will include: Jiao, known as the “Godfather” of food literature in Taiwan; Theresa Lin (林慧懿), a chef, an author and a television personality; Anna Lee (李宛蓉), a film production food stylist; Professor Pin-hui Liao (廖炳惠) of University of California, San Diego; and Professor Michael Berry and Professor Robert Chi, both of Asian Languages & Cultures of University of California, Los Angeles. Set on not only quenching the thirst of knowledge, Taiwan Academy is also set on curbing the hunger of its audience. As an extension of the event, Taiwan Academy has partnered with Lollicup Fresh, with special promotional pricing available after visiting the gallery, such as US$1 Milk Tea and 50% off Railroad Bento Boxes. Each of the literary public dialogues will also be catered, featuring all six of the Taiwanese delicacies in the exhibition for the audience to try a taste of Taiwan, courtesy of NiNi Bakery. The opening reception with the first public dialogue will be held on March 9 from 6pm to 9pm. To promote the first public dialogue, titled “When Film meets Food”, Taiwan Academy will provide free movie tickets to the first 15 participants who RSVP on EventBrite, to see the new hit Taiwanese movie, “The Great Buddha+”. Everyone who loves food and food literature is welcome to inquire more at Taiwan Academy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/taiwanacademyla/. Taste Taiwan: Program Guide March 9 | 6-7pm: Reception March 9 | 7-9pm: When Food Meets Film Professor Robert Chi of UCLA Anna Lee, Food Stylist & Chef April 6 | 7-9pm: Food Literature of Jiao Tong Jiao Tong, Food Writer Professor Pin-hui Liao of UCSD April 13 | 7-9pm: Kaleidoscope of Taiwanese Delicacies Theresa Lin, Chef, Author & TV Personality Professor Michael Berry of UCLA Taiwan Academy Address: 1137 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024 Telephone: 213.403.0168 Fax: 310.208.8981
Taiwanese abstract art exhibition to join Asian Week New York
Date: 2018-03-08 ~ 2018-06-06 The first survey of Taiwanese abstract art packaged as an exclusive exhibition will make its world debut at Asian Week New York in March before traveling to New Jersey for a second showing from April to June. Curated by Kuo Bor-jou and Chang Chung-fan, “Shifting Momentum” presents the constantly changing trajectory of abstract art from the 1980s to contemporary Taiwan. Eight Taiwan-based artists and four US-based Taiwanese artists will join the exhibition. The twelve featured artists each employ a wide range of techniques, styles, and aesthetics to address eastern culture, philosophy, and traditions, giving rise to art on subjects such as calligraphy, Han Dynasty tomb bricks, and traditional window frames that are engraved with people’s wishes and blessings. The curatorial timeframe reflects the liberal development of Taiwanese society after the 1980s – in which 2018 marks the 31st year that Taiwan has been free of martial law – and the juxtaposition of traditional ways of life and thought with the new hyper-accelerated digital regime. The exhibition will open in conjunction with Asia Week New York and run from March 8 through 30 at the Taipei Academy in New York to celebrate Asian art as well as women artists. “Shifting Momentum” will then travel to the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University in New Jersey, whose collection of works by American artists Lucy Glick and Robert Motherwell will also be presented as part of the exhibition to help visitors discover how aesthetics are rooted in culture and self-expression. The exhibition is free to the public. New York Date: March 8 – 30, 2018 Venue: Taiwan Academy in New York Address: 1 East 42nd Street, New York, NY Gallery Talk: March 9 at 7pm New Jersey Date: April 5 – June 6, 2018 Venue: Kramer Hall, Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University Address: 30 Front Street, Hammonton, NJ Opening Reception/Gallery Talk: April 19 at 6–8pm Taiwan-based Artists Chang Ming-xi Chen Yu-ju Kuo Bor-jou Liao Shiou-ping Lin Wei-min Liu Yung-jen Shen Rock Chin-yuan Tao Wen-yueh US-based Artists Chang Chung-fan Hung Su-li Wang Shiao-ping Yang Chi-hung