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TCCNJC Career Workshop-Breaking Inertia and Harnessing Strengths in the European and American Workplace

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The Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands Junior Chapter (TCCNJC) organized the "Let's Connect! Youth Entrepreneurship Seminar and Entrepreneurs' Night Reception" in Amsterdam on December 9. The featured guest speaker was Ms. Cortilia Lin, founder of Kyalio and former Director of Global Innovative Data Insights Solutions at the Economist Intelligence Unit. Ms. Lin was also the recipient of the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award and the Ten Outstanding Overseas Young Persons Award. During the talk, she shared her journey, from graduating with an MBA, to rising to senior corporate positions in European and American companies, and finally venturing into entrepreneurship. She also discussed stepping out of her Asian comfort zone to carve out her own niche in the European and American workplace.

Cortilia holds an MBA degree in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington. She previously worked as a project manager at Philips Healthcare Division and as a Director of Brand Insights at Philips Lighting. Before founding her own company, she accumulated years of work experience spanning Europe, America, and Asia, honing her skills in organizational management.

In 2019, she founded Kyalio Pte Ltd, a medical education company that integrates virtual reality experiences into surgical teaching. The company has a global team spread across Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Singapore.

During the entrepreneurial journey, individuals must make numerous decisions every day, which can result in fragmented time. Additionally, the focus of one's business tends to become more narrowed and refined. Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Cortilia believes that the most important aspect is to continuously exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs regarding directions and strategies in the international market.

Cortilia stressed the significance of workplace socializing and advised ways to initiate conversations, use humor, and interact with colleagues from various departments to build rapport. She also used herself as an example to encourage the audience to bravely step out of their comfort zones and be prepared to switch career paths every two to three years. The key is to harness one's strengths, continually learn, and seize opportunities to shine when they come. 

Ms. Hai-Hwa Yang, the Secretary of Overseas Compatriot Affairs at the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands, also attended the event to show her support. The TCCNJC executive team, including President Lena Liu, Secretary Li-Chi Liu, Marketing Manager Yu-shin Hong, and Financial Officer Cindy Hsuan Chang, attended the event along with nearly 60 members. Cortilia's insightful career sharing was the highlight of the event. In addition, TCCNJC collaborated with Lulu, the owner of "LuPalicios," to provide Taiwanese snacks at the event, including sticky rice, fried chicken, braised pork rice, sausage, and sesame oil chicken soup. The event provided a great networking opportunity for Taiwanese youths to establish connections and friendships.
Ms. Cortilia Lin served as the keynote speaker.
Ms. Hai-Hwa Yang, Secretary of Overseas Compatriot Affairs at the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands (second from left); Keynote speaker, Cortilia Lin (third from let); TCCNJC President Lena Liu (first from right), Secretary Li-Chi Liu (third from right), Marketing Manager Yusin Hong (second from right), and Financial Officer Cindy Hsuan Chang (first from left).
LuLu, the owner of "LuPalicios," served Taiwanese snacks such as sticky rice, fried chicken, braised pork rice, sausage, and sesame oil chicken soup.
Participants responded with enthusiasm.

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