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YTMAT Hosts Year-end Gathering and Raises Funds for Local Charities

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On the evening of December 16th, members of the Young Taiwanese Merchants Association of Toronto (YTMAT) gathered for "A Magical Christmas," featuring wine, food, a magic show, and an opportunity for everyone to connect. It was also a community-oriented event, with $5.00 from every ticket sold being donated to NeighbourLink North York, an organization supporting single mothers and low-income families. Director Paul Lan of the Culture Centre of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto was also invited to the event. He commended YTMAT's charity initiatives, as well as its efforts to facilitate exchanges among youth entrepreneurs in Canada and the U.S.. In addition to encouraging the Taiwanese youths, he also gave all the participants a handbag featuring a Taiwanese black bear and wished everyone a fruitful year.

Now in its 17th year, YTMAT continues its tradition of giving back to society. The year-end dinner this year also raised funds to help the local community. According to YTMAT President Ishi Wang, their organization hopes to better meet the needs of local organizations, so they are making cash donations instead of in-kind donations this year.

YTMAT President Wang also mentioned that four members from the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Greater Detroit Junior Chapter attended the dinner. Additionally, President Wang visited the junior chambers in Seattle and Vancouver the previous week. She hopes that the YTMAT organization can provide Taiwanese youths with an informative, interactive, and tightly-knit platform. The interaction among junior chambers from major cities in North America can enhance the platform and make it more diverse.

This year's dinner featured a special treat, 35 handmade rice balls sponsored by To Go Nigiri, a business venture owned by a young Taiwanese man who is a local of Toronto and a connoisseur of food and drink. President Wang expressed her hope that the event can make the hardworking spirit of young entrepreneurs more visible, so that more people can extend their support and encouragement to them.

The year-end gathering, unlike typical business events, aims to foster emotional exchanges among the participants. The magic show also added a lively atmosphere. President Wang stated that the company that provided the magic show was also founded by a local youth in Toronto, who turned his amateur hobby during his student years into a full-time business, setting a great example of youth entrepreneurship.
YTMAT members gathered at the end of the year to exchange ideas in a relaxing atmosphere.
YTMAT President Ishi Wang (second from right) invited Director Paul Lan of the Culture Centre of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto (fourth from right) to express support to the youth entrepreneurs and also promoted the rice ball venture (owner is third from the right).
YTMAT members showcased the gift bags provided by the Culture Centre of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto.
A magic show added a special touch and created a fun atmosphere at the event.

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