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FASCA-SF Shines at Lunar New Year Celebration!

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The FASCA San Francisco Chapter impressed at the Berryessa Library's Lunar New Year event on February 3rd! Their vibrant performances, including drum arrays, dazzling acrobatics, and lively dances, showcased the youthful energy of Taiwanese culture.

FASCA students wowed the audience with their skillful performances and cultural flair. To further support their growth and community involvement, FASCA collaborates with professional instructors to train students in various art forms.

The event also featured a cultural booth hosted by the mentors of FASCA-SF. Traditional paper-cut pineapples and calligraphy displays offered a glimpse into Taiwanese customs and traditions. This booth attracted many visitors, successfully bridging cultural divides and promoting Taiwan's unique charm.

Members of FASCA-SF are instructing traditional papercraft at the cultural booth.

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