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Successful Conclusion of 2024 Overseas Youth Taiwan Study Tour (Southern Hemisphere Session 1)

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The graduation ceremony for the 2024 Overseas Youth Taiwan Study Tour (Southern Hemisphere Session 1) was held on the afternoon of January 19. A total of 60 members attended the ceremony, which opened with creative skits and singing performances by team members of various teams to welcome dignitaries. The dignitaries listened to team members' experiences of their two-week study tour in Taiwan. Deputy Director Chang gave team members prize money for the social media contest and graduation album.

According to Deputy Director Chang, with the successful conclusion of the Southern Hemisphere Session 1 of the Overseas Youth Taiwan Study Tour, he is touched by the exciting retrospective video of the participants' experience over the 14 days, and he believes that they have all gained tremendous experience from the tour. Everyone is invited to sign up for the  English Teaching Volunteer Service Program for Overseas Youth
which mentioned in the video and return to Taiwan again this summer. Let us visit rural areas and teach Taiwanese children English by adopting an interesting approach to inspire their passion for learning. 

The 14-day Taiwan Experience Tour, which runs from January 7 to January 20, provides overseas youth with an in-depth understanding of Taiwan culture through visits to political and economic buildings, industries, campuses, humanities education, multicultural experiences, tourist attractions, ecological environment, local life, and group activities.

The members of the delegation shared their thanks to the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council for organizing such a good overseas young people's tour of Taiwan, so that they can meet a lot of friends, and at the same time come to Taiwan to learn a lot, but also to see the beautiful scenery of Taiwan and enjoy more food, and hope that in the future they will be able to  know more about the beauties of  Taiwan.

The 14-day event came to an end in a warm and touching atmosphere, and the members encouraged each other to look forward to coming back to such a meaningful event next time.
The graduation ceremony for the 2024 Overseas Youth Taiwan Study Tour (Southern Hemisphere Session 1)

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