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Petroleum Business Division Celebrate with Charity for Its 20th Anniversary

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Petroleum Business Division Celebrate with Charity for Its 20th Anniversary

The Petroleum Business Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation, which is dedicated to providing warm and friendly services, held the "Cheer Train, Full of Love" charity event at the Suan-Tou Sugar Factory in Chiayi on the 27th. The event not only offered 200 local seniors a free ride on the sugar train to refresh their childhood memories, but also hosted a lunch at noon for the seniors to enjoy a meal featuring Taisugar's pork products, as well as a variety of Taisugar's goodies, to fulfill Taisugar's vision of caring for the community.

This year, the Petroleum Business Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation chose the Xianghe Gas Station in Chiayi as the center of its activities, and invited the elderly over 65 years lived in the neighboring area of Taipao City, including Dongshi Vil., Anren Vil., Lunding Vil., and Factory Village, as well as those who were receiving care from the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation of Liuchiao Township, to take a sugar train ride at Suan-Tou Sugar Factory. The Chairman of Taisugar, Mr. Ming-Jou Yang, recalled memories about the sugar factory as a child with the elderlies. He also became a food expert to recommend the elderlies to taste the delicious pork cuisine, and he also prepared the "Fried Pork Fiber for Senior", "Organic Rice", "Eco- Friendly Laundry Detergent" and other household items for each elderly to make them happy.

According to Ming-Jou Yang, the Petroleum Business Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation has been established for 20 years. Along the way, it has been supported by the community and feels very strongly about how important it is to support the community. Taisugar Gas Stations are not only selling gasoline and diesel, but are also providing heartfelt services to people by integrating the resources from various business divisions, local communities, and social caring organizations and groups.

Taisugar said that the Petroleum Business Division has set up a charity platform since 2013. The points earned from filling the gas may be donated to 11 charity groups, and the charity groups can then exchange these points for goods to take care of the disadvantaged. There have been a total of 400 million charity points collected over the past 10 years. The "Village Warm Point Collect Card", which emphasizes on the villages around the gas stations, has accumulated more than 180 million points since it was launched. Taisugar has been taking care of the disadvantaged groups throughout Taisugar Gas Stations, and Taisugar expects that the gas stations play the role of being a good platform for public welfare and Taisugar will work together with everyone forever.

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