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Overseas compatriots of the ROC (Taiwan), driven by their strong love and affinity to the mother land, have played an active and important role in supporting Taiwan in various ways. They also exert their influence in their countries of immigration to help Taiwan further progress and advance. 

The OCAC's Department of Expatriate Affairs is responsible for providing liaison services to overseas compatriots and organizing related community activities. The Department supervises the OCAC’s 16 overseas culture centers and 21 compatriot affairs divisions (officials) under ROC’s diplomatic missions all over the world. The Department and the OCAC’s overseas compatriot affairs officials aim to ensure all the overseas compatriots to have immediate access to the government and receive warm and attentive services. 

To help establish harmonious and sustainable overseas communities in all regions around the world is the focus of overseas liaison services. The OCAC has been keeping close contact with overseas compatriot associations. The OCAC help the associations develop and expand, organize big annual conferences in different continents and facilitate exchanges and relations with Taiwan. The OCAC also endeavors to encourage younger generations to get involved with community affairs and dedicate themselves to related programs, hoping that the inheritance of overseas community could be accomplished. 

The OCAC invites leaders of overseas compatriot associations and talented overseas youths to visit Taiwan through various seminar or invitation programs on a regular basis.  Overseas visitors can take the opportunity to communicate with government officials when visiting different ministries, witness the most recent political and economic developments of the country, as well as experience the cultural and social aspects in Taiwan. The OCAC hopes that these programs will enhance their understanding, recognition, and support towards Taiwan. 

The OCAC has also initiated the Emergency Assistance Association for Overseas Compatriots all over the world. The association aims to connect overseas communities with Taiwan and encourage overseas compatriots to give their support and help to travelling nationals who suffer unexpected emergencies.  Considering the outreach power in overseas communities, the OCAC has arranged its overseas volunteer program in all the overseas offices, the program seeks to encourage enthusiastic community people to provide their resources, expertise, and network to help new immigrants emerge to the mainstream society. Culture tour program is also available at overseas culture centers, by which the culture volunteers play the role of ROC’s cultural ambassadors to promote Taiwan to the mainstream society via audio visual and other cultural presentations. The program successfully helps process Taiwan’s public diplomacy under the assistance of talented overseas compatriots.   

Overseas compatriots are valuable assets of the country. The OCAC cherishes their contributions and will continue to integrate overseas resources, advance liaison services and thus promote public diplomacy and national images for the country. 
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