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The 2019 Seminar of Overseas Community Affairs in Europe, Africa, and Central and South America

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The 2019 Seminar of Overseas Community Affairs in Europe, Africa, and Central and South America, organized by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), was held from August 26th-31st, 2019. 22 leaders of overseas communities from 20 countries in Europe, Africa, and Central and South America returned to attend the seminar. Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu hosted the opening ceremony on August 27th.

He encouraged all the attendees to take this opportunity to share experiences with representatives around the world and work together to increase Taiwan’s national competitiveness and enhance soft power globally.

In order to make the attendees have a more comprehensive grasp on multiple dimensions of Taiwan, the OCAC invited not only the lecturers from the National Development Council, but also professors and experts in various domains to deliver speeches about Taiwan's achievements in diplomacy, cross-strait relations, and economical prospect. A variety of training sessions of organizing overseas compatriot associations were also arranged in the seminar to assist attendees in promoting overseas community affairs more efficiently and prominently. Moreover, the one-day tour, including visiting Office of the President, Hsinchu Science Park, National Martyrs’ Shrine, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and Mainland Affairs Council and so on, was arranged to enhance attendees' comprehension of the developments of national defense, local industries, and start-up business in Taiwan. 

On behalf of all attendees, Yi-Feng Lin, the leader of the attendees, expressed their appreciation of OCAC's indefatigable devotion to all overseas compatriots. He urged all the attendees to disseminate OCAC's endeavors and contributions towards all overseas communities with other overseas compatriots when they return to their countries of residence, which will enable the OCAC to smoothly unify the overseas compatriots around the world to work together for elevating our nation's international status.
All attendees took photo with Mr. Leu, Vice Minister of OCAC after accomplishing courses.
On behalf of OCAC, Mr. Leu presented gift to Yi-Feng Lin, the leader of the attendees.

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