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The 70th Seminar on Overseas Community Affairs of North America

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To enhance the understanding of senior executives in overseas communities regarding Taiwan's political, economic, and cultural developments, the Overseas Community Affairs Council holds the 70th Seminar on Overseas Community Affairs of North America, commenced with an opening ceremony on June 13th, presided over by Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan. The Seminar includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, site visits, and face-to-face communication with compatriots, as well as inviting relevant departments to share an open-minded perspective on diplomacy, cross-strait relations, and the international environment.

Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan expressed that through visits to various overseas locations since taking office, he gained a deep understanding of the bottlenecks and difficulties Taiwan faces in international diplomacy. The Republic of China (Taiwan) upholds the ideals and spirit of freedom and democracy, actively engaging with the international community, with overseas compatriots being defenders of democratic values and freedom. He expressed gratitude for the efforts and support of compatriots in assisting the government in implementing overseas community affairs, making Taiwan not lonely in forging friendships in international affairs.

Lastly, Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan welcomed everyone to return to Taiwan to participate in the Seminar, emphasizing that it is not only an opportunity to enrich knowledge but also to expand networks. He encouraged everyone to cherish the camaraderie and work together for overseas community affairs. He also urged participants to share their insights from the workshop with fellow compatriots and mainstream individuals in their residing countries, assisting the government in promoting Taiwan's soft power on the international stage.
Group photo with Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan of OCAC.

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