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Department of Expatriate Affairs

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To facilitate expansion of the depth and breadth of the work of OCAC to create stronger supports for the nation, the Department of Expatriate Affairs was inaugurated with a mandate to promote and strengthen interactions and connections between the OCAC and overseas compatriots. Since 1932, the department has been dedicated to constructing a global service network for overseas compatriot affairs.

The main assignments of the department are: dealing with the services of registration and coordination of a variety of overseas compatriot associations, assisting with the organizing regular continental and regional conferences and activities for overseas compatriot affairs, managing the administrative matters of culture centers, undertaking recruitment and selection of honorary positions for overseas compatriots in OCAC, and nurturing the next generation of staff members of overseas compatriot communities.

In addition, along with liberalization and globalization, since 2016, the Department of Expatriate Affairs has launched " the Overseas Caring Program" and many other programs, in the expectation of promoting and enhancing mutual understanding and connection between compatriot communities at home and abroad.

To accomplish the credo of "Wherever there are overseas compatriots, there are our services", the department will continue fulfilling its commitment to our people, enhancing its services to the overseas compatriot community and playing the role of bridge between compatriots at home and abroad. 

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