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Department of Overseas Compatriot Education Affairs

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Overseas compatriot education is the foundation of overseas community affairs. The purposes of overseas compatriot education are not only to promote language and culture studies, but also to serve as an integral part of OCAC's overall policy goals. The OCAC has dedicated to overseas compatriot education for many years and has taken up-to-date measures to advance the education and meet the needs of overseas teachers and students. The OCAC endeavors to subsidize overseas compatriot schools, promote Taiwan's diverse cultures and cultivate overseas younger generations.

Overseas community leaders in various regions have established local schools to disseminate the culture of their homeland. As of the beginning of 2021, there were 1,054 overseas compatriot schools affiliated with Taiwan (of which 41.27% in Asia, 45.45% in Americas, 6.36% in Europe and less than 6.92% in other areas). Worldwide, there were around 50 overseas compatriot schools' associations affiliated with Taiwan. These overseas compatriot schools and related associations have been successfully introducing Taiwan's excellent Chinese teaching system and its diverse cultures to the world. It is amazing that they have even gained a substantial market share of the mainstream education.

In light of the existing accomplishments and the global Chinese learning craze, the OCAC will continue to train language and folk culture teachers as well as recruit young volunteers and college students to support overseas compatriot schools and strengthen their operations.

In addition, the OCAC will continue to develop diverse teaching materials and optimize the content of the e-learning website "". The OCAC will also provide cloud learning and digital teaching services to take e-learning to a new level. In accordance with the overall national policy, the OCAC will actively implement the e-Learning Portal for overseas compatriot education and promote the preservation of traditional Chinese characters through "".

Moreover, the OCAC will continue to support key festival events in overseas communities by dispatching cultural delegations to enrich the performing programs. The OCAC also holds training programs for cultural seed teachers to promote Taiwan's culture overseas and to nurture young talents. Finally, the OCAC will keep on providing distance learning and online courses for overseas compatriot schoolteachers so that their teaching skills can be further improved.


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