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Department of Policy Research and Development

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Department of Policy Research and Development is responsible for the policy research, evaluation, and development of the OCAC's professional work. The department's primary tasks include drawing up visions, goals and plans of the OCAC's annual work and setting up and carrying out the evaluation mechanism in order to review the performance of each department or division of the OCAC.

The department is also responsible for pivotal programs, such as the annual Convention of Overseas Community Affairs Council, the Double Tenth (National Day) celebration program for the overseas compatriots, the Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging program, the issuance of overseas compatriots' identification documents, the liaison affairs of the Legislative Yuan, etc.

In addition, the department has been carrying out long term programs to help establish a solid foundation for the OCAC's policy making and related work which include publishing books associated with overseas compatriot affairs, collecting historical materials associated with overseas compatriot affairs in digital form, encouraging and funding academic field to provide overseas compatriot affairs related college courses, and organizing  or conducting related seminars and researches.

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