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2024 Overseas Youth Taiwan Study Tour

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To enhance the knowledge and understanding of Taiwan's development situation and to promote interaction between young people in Taiwan and participants from overseas so the latter become a new force in their overseas community when they return home, to promote exchange and contacts between Taiwan and their home countries.

2.Activity period:
each session lasts 2 weeks
(1)Southern Hemisphere I (Central and South America): Jan 7-20 (Event completed)
(2)Philippines: June 14-27
(3)Indonesia: June 30-July 13
(4)Thailand: July 9-22
(5)Myanmar : July 11-24
(6)Eurasia and Canada: August 1-14
(7)Malaysia: December 14-27
(8)Southern Hemisphere II(New Zealand、Australia、Brunei and South Africa etc. ) : December 16-29

(1)Young people aged 16 to under 25 (as shown on passport), age calculated to the start date of the session enrolled for, currently residing outside of Taiwan, in good academic standing and health, holding an I-Compatriot Card, holding a passport of country of residence or Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement, adaptable to group life during the study program, are willing to share images and videos on their own social media during the study program and of Chinese/Taiwanese descent are eligible to apply.

(2)Non overseas compatriot or foreign students of Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCML) and overseas mainstream school (registration limited to the Eurasian and Canada session).
1.) TCML can recommend any ethnicity under the age of 25 (recommendation letter from a teacher must be submitted when registering).
2.) Taiwanese Mandarin teachers in mainstream schools in Europe can recommend two young people of any ethnicity who meet the age requirement for participation (recommendation letter from a teacher must be submitted when registering).

(1)National situation and culture courses: national situation, economy, education, life in Taiwan and culture.
(2)Tours of government, economic, and cultural institutions: Visits to the Office of the President, museums, cultural parks and creative industry parks.
(3)Industry visits: Visits to core strategic industries and distinctive Taiwan high-tech industries.
(4)Visits to Taiwan's ecological environment, national parks, historical monuments, and distinctive scenic spots.
(5)Visit to university campuses and interaction with students.
(6)Social media marketing course.

5.Registration procedure and time limit:
(1)The registration period for each session:
1.)Southern Hemisphere session I :Event completed.
2.)Philippines session: From now until May 10 or all places are taken.
3.)Indonesia session: From now until May 26 or all places are taken.
4.)Thailand session: From now until June 4 or all places are taken.
5.)Myanmar session: From now until June 6 or all places are taken.
6.)Eurasia and Canada session: From now until June 27 or all places are taken.
7.)Malaysia session: From now until November 8 or all places are taken.
8.) Southern Hemisphere session II : From now until November 11 or all places are taken.
(2)Registration process:
1.)Registration method:
Session1、6、8 : register online, please go to the OCAC Activity Registration System to register (website:
Session2、3、4、5、7 : please contact nearby TECRO/TECO office or Culture Center of OCAC for more information.
2.)Applicant registration information will be reviewed in two stages; in the first stage, initial review will be conducted by an ROC overseas unit (in places without OCAC staff, initial review will be conducted by the OCAC directly). Stage 2 review will be conducted by the OCAC with review carried out in order of registration. ROC overseas missions and culture centers will regularly be informed of the review results and they will also be posted on the OCAC Activity Registration System.
(3)Entry visa: Applicants should submit all documents required and apply for their own Taiwan entry visa.

6.Number of students to be enrolled:
1.) Southern hemisphere I :70(Event completed).
2.) Philippines:180
3.) Indonesia:150
4.) Thailand:35
5.) Myanmar:36
6.) Eurasia and Canada:50
7.) Malaysia: 150
8.) Southern hemisphereII:95

(1)Registration time and place: Please see the instructions in the notification.
(2)At time of registration, the student shall pay the self-paid amount due, hand over their passport, and receive their student ID card, student handbook, and dormitory room assignment.
1.)Paid by the student:
i.)Tuition fee: NT$ 17,400/person, to be paid to the undertaking unit on registration. No refund for early withdrawal.
ii.) Personal return air ticket, visa fee, luggage transportation fee, spending money and personal expenditure.
iii.)Fee for medical insurance taken out in country of residence
iv.) Personal medical fees, compensation for damage caused through personal factor (parents bear joint responsibility) during the activity.
v.)Accommodation and other expenses arising from early arrival in or delayed departure from Taiwan.
vi.) Epidemic prevention fee: When students enter Taiwan they should follow the epidemic prevention regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). Relevant fees according to regulations need to be paid.
2.)Fees subsidized by the OCAC: NT$11,600/person, including teaching, teaching material, visits, food and accommodation, transportation, administration and other expenses.

8.Important Notices:
(1)During the program, the participants must abide by all rules and regulations and comply with group disciplinary rules. Serious violations can result in expulsion by the OCAC, to which student and parents should not object to, nor should return of expenses for joining this program that have already been paid be demanded.
(2)The participants must arrange for medical insurance in their country of residence prior to arrival. Should medical treatment be necessary for the student during the program for a sudden illness or recurrence of chronic symptoms, any related medical fees shall be paid by the participant(s); neither the participants nor their parents may make any claim for compensation to OCAC or the undertaking unit
(3)Those with special medical conditions (such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness, epilepsy, infectious disease, or pregnancy) that might affect normal participation should not enroll for the program. Otherwise, the participants will be solely responsible for any incidents arising from preexisting health conditions and there will be no connection to the organizer or undertaking unit.
(4)Those with a prior record of drug abuse, criminal activity, or bad behavior will not be allowed to enroll.
(5)The participants' luggage should be simple and easy to carry and should not contain any banned articles or products made from protected animal species; please adhere to customs regulations.
(6)Each participant should arrive in Taiwan and depart on the stipulated date. All expenses for early arrival or late departure caused by seat or other factors shall be borne by the participants.
(7)After the activity ends and the participants should return to their place of residence, they cannot, for any reason, apply to remain to in Taiwan for further study or live as an overseas compatriot student or overseas student.
(8)The participants should take part in the activity in full and must not leave midway. In the event of special circumstances requiring early departure, the participant(s) parent should submit a request detailing the situation; this will be passed by an overseas office or culture center to the OCAC for review; after OCAC approval and notification of the undertaking unit, the procedure for early departure will be handled, upon completion of which the participant(s) can leave; otherwise, all consequences will be the responsibility of participant(s) and will have no connection to the OCAC or the undertaking unit.
(9)To ensure that opportunities to participate are distributed fairly, those who have never been to Taiwan to take part in this activity will be given enrollment priority.
(10)The participants should bring suitable clothes, casual clothes, leather shoes and trainers to meet the needs of different occasions.
(11)OCAC reserves the right to decide whether to proceed or not depending on the registration status of the session and other factors.

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