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2024 Nostalgia for Taiwan: Short-term In-school Program for Overseas Compatriot Children and Adolescents

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This Short-Term In-School Program aims to provide overseas compatriots children and adolescents from age 6 to 15 (either parent is Taiwanese) with an opportunity to study short term in Taiwan's elementary or secondary schools. By studying and participating in curricular and extracurricular activities with Taiwanese students in local schools, overseas compatriot children and adolescents not only can understand their daily routines but also experience Taiwan's culture, customs and life. Studying alongside Taiwanese peers help them build their understanding of and affection for Taiwan. The program offers overseas children and adolescents the chance to connect with Taiwanese culture through immersive learning, cultural exchange, and friendship. Our goal is for them to return home with wonderful memories and stronger ties to Taiwan.

II. Objectives
1.To provide overseas students visiting Taiwan with the opportunity to learn in real classrooms alongside local youth, allowing them to experience and appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language firsthand while enhancing their Chinese language skills.
2.To promote interaction between domestic and overseas students, fostering a deeper understanding of Taiwan's rich and diverse culture and strengthening their connections to Taiwan.

III. Organizers
K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as K12EA) The Overseas Community Affairs Council (hereinafter referred to as the OCAC).

IV. Co-organizers
Local governments

Program: September 1, 2023 ~ July 31, 2024
Registration: October 20, 2023 ~ November 12, 2023
In-School: March 1 ~ June 30, 2024

Overseas Taiwanese children and youth aged 6-15(hereinafter referred to as Participant), who are visiting Taiwan short-term with their families and either parent has the nationality of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

VII. How to Apply
1.Interested overseas Taiwanese parents (hereinafter referred to as Applicant) should visit to complete the application form and submit it to the OCAC.
2.Each child can apply once. The program length is 5-30 school days.
3.The OCAC will notify approved applicants by December 31, 2023. Applicants (Parents) should then contact the host school by January 15, 2024 to complete registration.

VIII. Important Notes 1.Applicant should help the participant apply for an "i Compatriot Card" in advance by visiting (please fill out the "OCAC i Compatriot Card Legal agent signature Form"[Annex 1] and upload it to the system when applying the i Compatriot Card or email to
2.Please note that the program only covers short-term school experiences; transportation and lodging are not included.
3.It is advisable to inform local contacts in Taiwan about participant's participation to prevent any potential disputes when the school contacts them.
4.To complete the registration process, please submit the information sheet (Annex 2) to the host school by January 15, 2024. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of participation. If participant is unable to participate, please notify the school/administration; otherwise, applicant will not be eligible to reapply next year.
5.It is essential to obtain accident insurance, including medical coverage, for the program dates. Applicant will be responsible for any medical expenses if participant falls ill during the program.
6.Two weeks before the program start date, please contact the host school to provide a copy of participant's passport and proof of insurance. Additionally, if participant has any special needs, please inform the school so that appropriate accommodations can be arranged.
7.Participant will initially be placed in the requested grade, but adjustments may be made based on the school calendar or individual learning needs. If no specific grade is specified, placement will be determined by age and language proficiency.
8.School assignments are made based on the order of signup and applicant preferences. Please review school information carefully before ranking your choices. Availability is limited, and the success of matching can vary. Once matched, please cooperate fully with any prerequisites to ensure a safe and seamless experience.
9.This is a short-term experience, not official enrollment, so participants will not be evaluated on performance. However, they must follow all school rules. The host school may terminate participant's participation if they are unable to adapt or cooperate with the curriculum.

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