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Provision of news reports

To promote Taiwan to the world, the OCAC has provided news reports to be legally used by overseas compatriot media since July, 1999. The content includes domestic politics, economy, culture, education, people's livelihood, and other information.

The Overseas Compatriot Media Delegation

The OCAC organizes annual tours for overseas compatriot media delegations to strengthen communication and exchange with overseas compatriot media. The visits provide an opportunity for media professionals to experience Taiwan's latest developments in politics, economy, and culture and to promote positive coverage of Taiwan.

In 2023, the OCAC continued to organize the Overseas Compatriot Media Delegation. Representatives from seven countries in North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe were invited to Taiwan for a seven-day, six-night visit. In addition to participating in the National Day celebration, they also visited relevant government departments and toured domestic media organizations and universities.

The Mandarin Journalism Award for Overseas Media

In 2020, the OCAC held the 1st Mandarin Journalism Award for Overseas Media to achieve the following:
1. Expand contacts with overseas compatriot media
2. Encourage overseas media to report the hard work and selfless contribution of overseas compatriots around the world
3. Promote positive reporting about Taiwan

Under the core concept of "Focusing on Taiwan and Reporting on Taiwan," the main theme of the 4th Mandarin Journalism Award for Overseas Media is "The Influence of Mandarin Media on the SDGs." A total of 201 news features were received from 20 countries/regions including Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, and Oceania. Nine winners and one special recognition were selected. Through this activity, let the world see and hear Taiwan's warmth and resilience.

Creating Business Opportunities Together: E-book for Cooperation and Exchange Between Overseas Compatriot Media and Taiwanese Businesses

To encourage information exchange and technical and business cooperation between overseas compatriot media and all walks of life in Taiwan, pro-Taiwan overseas compatriot media around the world was collected and compiled into the e-book. It was released in December 2021.

The e-book contains the overseas compatriot media contact information, introductions to the different groups, service items provided by the groups, potential partnerships, and other information. It provides a direct channel for all people interested to contact overseas compatriot media. All circles are welcome to make good use of it.

Creating Business Opportunities Together: E-book for Cooperation and Exchange Between Overseas Compatriot Media and Taiwanese Businesses:https://eMedia.Taiwan-World.Net

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