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Since Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) News began operating in 2017, OCAC News has been an important platform for overseas compatriots to understand the development of Taiwan and overseas community affairs. News is updated 24 hours a day, providing important domestic news and the overseas compatriot community situation to allow overseas compatriots to keep abreast of the development of Taiwan, the government's latest policies and information on the rights and interests of overseas compatriots. OCAC News makes every effort to be a professional overseas compatriot affairs news website that meets their needs.

The OCAC News website has 13 channels, the varied contents including Taiwan, Overseas compatriot affairs, Special topic, Asia, Oceania, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, People, Events, Video and English News; it also provides Breaking News and Hot News menus, with new livestream function and community sharing mechanism, allowing readers to quickly browse the latest news, view livestream programs to receive all the important information, as well as easily share news links with friends.

Also, in 2018, the OCAC News YouTube channel was added in response to the new media era and Video marketing trends. It uploads interviews with figures in the overseas community, overseas compatriot entrepreneur industry knowledge, business opportunity forum and others themed videos. At present, the channel has accumulated around 2,000 videos, providing more channels for overseas compatriots in Taiwan and overseas and international friends to learn about Taiwan. In 2019, the OCAC News LINE official account was also added and now has more than 110,000 subscribers who automatically receive important overseas compatriot affairs information and overseas compatriot services news, including various events and classes and the rights of overseas compatriots. It is convenient and practical.

OCAC News will continue to allow overseas compatriot to grasp overseas compatriot affairs information more quickly, more precisely and more instantly through different online platforms. Overseas compatriot friends who still haven't joined our community platform are welcome to join and build a bridge to overseas compatriots with us.

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