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The OCAC Develops the International Market Together With Domestic Startups

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To help new Taiwanese startups link with overseas enterprises to develop the international market, in cooperation with the National Development Council, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) collected the information of domestic startup with development potential and compiled the Catalog of Taiwanese Startups Looking to Advance Overseas to Develop Business Opportunities. This has been posted in the special zone for Taiwan businesses on the OCAC's website ( Downloading and dissemination is welcome. The industries covered include the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, biological and medical technology, new agriculture and people's livelihood, the scope both diverse and original. It is hoped that Taiwan's abundant startup resources can be linked with overseas compatriot businesses, assisting the promotion of business opportunity matching, implementing of overseas strategy and developing of the overseas market to create economic prosperity for Taiwan domestically and overseas.

Also, to link Taiwan's abundant technology R&D resources and overseas compatriot entrepreneurs, after OCAC Minister Tung Chen-yuan took up office, the OCAC established the Global Taiwan Business Federation Exchange Service Platform to enhance contacts and interaction with overseas compatriot business groups around the world and the OCAC; while striving overseas and thus create more economic benefit; in addition cooperation with 14 major think tanks and 39 universities in Taiwan, an international industry-academia alliance will be formed by the OCAC to assist Taiwanese business carry out industrial upgrading and provide technical counselling. Overseas compatriot entrepreneurs are welcome to make good use of the above services in future to bring together the power of overseas compatriots and make Taiwan stronger!

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