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Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning

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The number of people learning Mandarin in Europe and the U.S. increases year by year; the U.S. Department of State also announced the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y), emphasizing increase in Mandarin learning opportunities outside China. The U.S. -Taiwan Education Initiative was officially launched between the U.S. and Taiwan on December 2, 2020. In response to the above, the OCAC and related agencies established a negotiation and cooperation model with AIT to enhance bilateral language cooperation.

To expand the overseas Mandarin learning market, the OCAC is implementing the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning Establishment Program, under which we will assist overseas compatriot schools and associations in Europe and the U.S. in setting up Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCMLs) as bases for teaching Mandarin to people aged over 18 and, more importantly, for promoting Mandarin teaching with Taiwanese characteristics. 84 TCMLs have so far been set up, including 66 in the U.S., 3 in the U.K., 2 in France, 2 in Germany, 2 in Italy, and another 9 in Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Czech, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain, and it is hoped to see more established in the near future.

Moving forward, the OCAC will actively encourage overseas compatriot schools and associations in the U.S. and Europe to actively apply to establish TCMLs. They will offer overseas learners more free and democratic alternatives to learning Mandarin and promote its teaching with Taiwanese characteristics, as well as introducing overseas students to the many wonders that Taiwan offers.

※ List of Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning ※
No. Location Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning
1 Arkansas, U.S. Arkansas Taiwanese Foundation
2 California, U.S. Cerritos Chinese School
3 California, U.S. Chinese Cultural Learning Center
4 California, U.S. Chinese Language School of Southern California
5 California, U.S. Chinese School of San Marino
6 California, U.S. Confucius Chinese Language School
7 California, U.S. EFCI Chinese School
8 California, U.S. Fullerton Chinese School
9 California, U.S. Growing Tree Learning Center
10 California, U.S. I Fly Young Chinese School
11 California, U.S. Modesto Chinese School
12 California, U.S. San Diego Chinese Academy
13 California, U.S. San Diego North County Chinese School
14 California, U.S. San Mateo County Chinese School
15 California, U.S. SFVCCA Chinese School
16 California, U.S. Silicon Valley Chinese School
17 California, U.S. Taiwanese American Center of Northern California
18 California, U.S. Torrance Chinese School
19 California, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy, Los Angeles
20 California, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy, San Dimas
21 California, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy, San Mateo
22 Colorado, U.S. Colorado Chinese Language School
23 Delaware, U.S. Chinese School of Delaware
24 Florida, U.S. Oviedo Chinese School
25 Florida, U.S. Tampa Chinese School
26 Florida, U.S. The Chinese School of CAACF
27 Florida, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy, Miami
28 Georgia, U.S. Chinese Cultural School of Atlanta
29 Georgia, U.S. Chinese School of Atlanta
30 Georgia, U.S. Taiwanese School of Atlanta
31 Illinois, U.S. Naperville Chinese School
32 Maryland, U.S. Chinese Language School of Baltimore
33 Maryland, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy, Washington D. C.
34 Maryland, U.S. Washington DC Taiwanese School
35 Massachusetts, U.S. Ming Hui Academy Boston
36 Massachusetts, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy Boston
37 Michigan, U.S. Ann Arbor Chinese School
38 Michigan, U.S. Southern Michigan Chinese School
39 Minnesota, U.S. Twin Cities Chinese Language School
40 New Jersey, U.S. Jersey Shore Chinese School
41 New Jersey, U.S. Murray Hill Chinese School
42 New Jersey, U.S. Northern New Jersey Chinese Association (NNJCA)
43 New Jersey, U.S. Princeton Chinese Language School
44 New Jersey, U.S. Raritan Valley Chinese School
45 New York, U.S. Mid-Hudson Chinese Language Center
46 New York, U.S. New Jersey Bergen Chinese School
47 New York, U.S. Plainview Chinese Learning Center Inc
48 New York, U.S. Taiwan Center Inc. (New York Taiwan Center)
49 New York, U.S. Tzu Chi Academy Long Island
50 New York, U.S. Tzu Chi Long Island Education Center
51 North Carolina, U.S. North Carolina Raleigh Chinese Language School
52 Ohio, U.S. Chinese Academy of Cleveland
53 Ohio, U.S. Columbus Chinese Academy
54 Pennsylvania, U.S. Pittsburgh Tzu Chi Academy
55 Texas, U.S. Ai-Hwa Chinese School in El Paso
56 Texas, U.S. Buddha's Light Private School
57 Texas, U.S. Formosa Plastics Chinese School
58 Texas, U.S. Goodnews Mandarin Academy
59 Texas, U.S. Houston Taiwan Institute for Senior Citizens (HTISC)
60 Texas, U.S. San Antonio Chinese Culture Institute
61 Texas, U.S. Sun Ray Chinese School
62 Virginia, U.S. Northern Virginia Experimental Chinese School
63 Virginia, U.S. Wei Hwa Chinese School
64 Washington, U.S. Chong Wa School
65 Washington, U.S. I.K.T. FYCD Cultural and Educational Association Washington
66 Wisconsin, U.S. North American Chinese School
67 Vienna, Austria Taiwan Chinesische Schule
68 Brussels, Belgium Taiwan Mandarin Association in Belgium
69 Prague, Czech Česko-Tchaj-wanská Společnost
70 Seine-Saint-Denis, France Association Linguistique Culturelle Chinoise (ALCC)
71 Paris, France L'encrier Chinois
72 Hamburg, Germany Chinesischer Verein in Hamburg e.V.
73 Düsseldorf, Germany Formosa Chinese School in Germany
74 Budapest, Hungary Jade Mountain Mandarin School
75 Wicklow, Ireland Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese
76 Rome, Italy Associazione Culturale Taiwanesi in Italia
77 Siena, Italy Associazione Taiwan e Italia (ATI)
78 Eindhoven, Netherlands Taiwan Business Families in the South Netherlands
79 Kraków, Poland Taiwan Culture and Language Exchange Association
80 Madrid, Spain Asociación Cultural Educativa de los chinos de ultramar en Madrid
81 Stockholm, Sweden Lil' Tizzy Mandarin
82 London, UK Hua Hsia Chinese School
83 London, UK Taiwan Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation UK Limited
84 Kent, UK Chinese Learning Paradise




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