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FASCA-Boston Visits Belmont Town to Showcase Taiwan's Rich Culture

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The FASCA Boston Chapter recently embarked on a cultural journey to Belmont, a suburb of Boston, to partake in the annual multicultural Lunar New Year celebration organized by the local community. Setting up vibrant cultural booths in the heart of town, FASCA students infused the event with youthful energy and introduced attendees to the diverse tapestry of Taiwanese culture.

The event attracted a steady flow of visitors from both Belmont residents and Greater Boston, alongside participants from the Boston Taiwan Film Festival and the Lexington Chinese School. Together, they contributed to the festive atmosphere.

At FASCA's cultural booth, visitors get to know Taiwan's human geography, customs, and cuisine through engaging activities like activity boards, lucky wheel, and dice games. The allure of prizes such as Taiwanese aboriginal paper-carving headdresses, handmade folding books of Taiwan travel, and refreshing hand-cranked drinks captivated participants of all ages.

This community outreach not only facilitated the introduction of Taiwan to international friends but also fostered mutual cooperation and friendship among FASCA trainees. Through active participation and collaborative efforts, they embraced the spirit of unity and experienced a sunny afternoon filled with hope.
Visitors learned about Taiwanese culture by playing the lucky wheel game at the FASCA booth.

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