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The 6th Batch of OCAC 2023 Overseas Compatriot Youth TaiwanExperience Program came to a successful close

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The Overseas Community Affairs Council held the closing ceremony of the 2023 OCAC Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Experience Program on December 28, 2023. A total of thirty-one overseas youths and one teacher from Indonesia were present at the meeting. They all enthusiastically expressed that they had gained a lot. They not only learned more about Taiwan, but also made a lot of friends. They all expressed their hope to participate again if given the opportunity.

On behalf of Minister Chia-Ching Hsu, vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu of the Overseas Community Affairs Council said from the video that he would like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation with the Overseas Community Affairs Council, including overseas youth education, resource exchange at home and abroad, and the implementation of relevant talent co-training plans, etc. Young people are the future and hope of the country, and for young people living overseas, their abilities cultivation of professional skills and living attitudes is the key work of the Overseas Community Affairs Council's long-term policy promotion. During this experience camp, participants had close communication with students studying and working in Taiwan. Participants also deeply understood the Overseas Community Affairs Council's relevant core work of promoting overseas affairs, such as internship opportunities, job matching, scholarship support, etc. Thus, an understanding of Taiwan's long-term efforts about overseas affairs can be deep and wide. 

The leader teacher Huisheng Qiu of this experience program also said that he was very happy to come to Taiwan again and had this opportunity to lead the experience program. He really hoped that students and parents can learn more about Taiwan's education, culture, and food. He hoped that through the experience program, students can consider to receive education in Taiwan. This activity was an unforgettable experience. Students got to know new friends from different regions. He said that through these 14 days, they were able to learn a lot, and had an unforgettable memory.

Executive Officer Kuang-Mei Hsu of the Overseas Community Affairs Council also strongly encouraged overseas youths to experience Taiwan's diverse culture and participate in talents development programs. She also thanked Ling Tung University for hosting this experience program and its long-term dedication and contribution to educating talents. It is hoped that more young friends will participate in the future, not only to have a deep understanding of Taiwanese culture, but also to become an important promoter of promoting Taiwan's experience to the whole world.

2023 OCAC Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Experience Program Group Photo.

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