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2023 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Experience Program-5th Batch (Indonesia)

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From December 16th to December 29th, the Indonesian delegation successfully completed the 2023 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Experience Program, with 105 Indonesian overseas youths actively participating. This two-week expedition aimed at providing an immersive experience for the participants, exposing them to Taiwan's educational institutions and unique cultural aspects.

The program itinerary included visits to two prestigious vocational high schools which are Zhongshan Higher Industrial and Commercial Vocational School and Yongping Industrial and Commercial Higher Secondary School, and two universities of science and technology which are Kunshan University of Science and Technology and Pingtung University of Science and Technology. These visits allowed the participants to understand the teaching methodologies, characteristics, and facilities of each school. Through hands-on experiential courses and factory visits, overseas students shared their educational journeys, providing valuable insights into Taiwan's high-quality higher education environment.

The closing ceremony featured a statement from the representative of the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China (Taiwan). Expressing confidence in the participants' deepened understanding of Taiwan, the representative encouraged them to share their enriching experiences with their relatives and friends upon returning to their home countries.

The 14-day observational trip took the participants from north to south, offering a comprehensive exploration of Taiwan's political and economic landscape, industries, multicultural aspects, ecological environments, and local life. This journey not only deepened the overseas youths' understanding of Taiwan's culture but also exposed them to the country's unique natural beauty.
Post-event reflections from the participants highlighted the forging of international friendships and the exchange of ideas. Many expressed eagerness to return to Taiwan for future meaningful activities, emphasizing the program's success in not only fostering cultural understanding but also in creating lasting connections among the participants.

Closing Ceremony Group Photo.

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