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Introduction of 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Joey Yu-Ting Lee

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A Virtual Pioneer Making Waves Beyond Boundaries-Exclusive Interview with Joey Yu-Ting Lee, Winner of the Third Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award
Joey Yu-Ting Lee was born in Taiwan and moved to Missouri with his parents at the age of 4. During the pandemic, he devoted himself entirely to his company, Pixel Canvas Inc., where he serves as the CEO. As a design enthusiast, Lee not only focuses on creative work and research but also juggled the responsibilities of management and marketing. Despite facing challenges, he embraces them wholeheartedly. In a story reminiscent of many first-generation Chinese immigrants to the United States, Lee's parents relocated the family to a remote town in Missouri with only $3,000. Seeking a better life, they opened a restaurant. Although his parents hoped for Lee to pursue a stable job, following in the footsteps of his elder brother who served as a government official in Washington, D.C. for over a decade, Lee, with a major in information technology and fine arts, harbored different dreams.

Moving to LA: Strengthening Confidence in Entrepreneurship

In 2017, Joey Yu-Ting Lee moved from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles in pursuit of better job opportunities. Alongside like-minded friends, they spent over a year brainstorming and creating the virtual interactive game, "Reiko's Fragments." This horror game quickly garnered awards and gained popularity among players, even catching the attention of YouTube influencers who tried and shared it. Ultimately, Lee sold "Reiko's Fragments" for $200,000, solidifying his entrepreneurial confidence. Eventually, Lee sold "Reiko's Fragments" for $200,000, solidifying his confidence in entrepreneurship.

Pixel Canvas is a 3D interactive platform accessible through web browsers, designed to meet the digital interaction needs of various companies, according to Joey Yu-Ting Lee. He explains, "We've made it easy to access on any device without the need for downloads by simplifying user device requirements." Leveraging cloud-based virtual engine technology, the virtual interactive web pages he's designed are already working with different companies with diverse needs, including the LA Auto Show, Arizona State University (ASU), and Lowe's.

Joey Yu-Ting Lee sees a growing refinement in the concepts of virtual reality and the metaverse, especially with increased acceptance after the pandemic. He notes, "Before, some companies were willing to try these concepts, but the pandemic led to the cancellation of many physical events. This made people start considering virtual reality, and now it's being used more widely. " The company has crafted over 300,000 hours of virtual experiences covering entertainment, education, and interactive shopping.

Discovering Taiwan Anew: A Fresh Perspective

After moving to the United States, Joey Yu-Ting Lee had only visited Taiwan twice. In 2023, after being honored as the Third Annual Global Young Entrepreneur Stars winner, he decided to return to Taiwan. The two-month trip provided him with a fresh perspective on the country. Lee expressed his surprise, saying, "I'm amazed at the rich opportunities Pixel Canvas has in Taiwan." The convenience of transportation in Taipei made it easy for Lee to meet with businesses, enabling him to establish relationships and make decisions more efficiently.

Before this, Lee never considered Taiwan as a destination for business trips or vacations. However, he mentioned, "From now on, I plan to travel to Taiwan more frequently for business and visits."

The pandemic temporarily disturbed Lee's daily work routine, providing him with a chance to fully focus on his company. Three years later, he achieved impressive results. Joey Yu-Ting Lee modestly describes himself as a "big fish in a small pond" when talking about his award. While he has gained some recognition in a smaller community, he acknowledges there's still plenty of room for improvement on a larger scale. He attributes his success to good timing and recognizes that there are many aspects of the company that still require dedicated efforts.

Joey Yu-Ting Lee's love story also traces back to the world of virtual reality. In May 2019, at an exhibition booth in Monterey Park, Lee showcased the virtual games he designed. It was during this event that he crossed paths with his future wife, who attended to experience the virtual games. Lee is thankful for these exhibition opportunities, recognizing that they not only introduced more people to his creations but also played a pivotal role in the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Deep Engagement in the Taiwanese-American Community

Joey Yu-Ting Lee was formerly a member of the Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP). He observed the vibrant Taiwanese-American community in Los Angeles, where individuals not only take pride in their Taiwanese traditions but also carve out a distinct American identity for themselves. The mutual bonds and support within the Taiwanese-American community were experiences he hadn't encountered in Missouri and Washington state. Lee found numerous untapped opportunities within communities in both America and Taiwan and plans to get more involved in the future.

Currently, all Pixel Canvas employees work remotely. During the peak of the company's client projects, Lee hired 18 staff members. However, as the company's strategic direction evolved and for more effective personnel utilization, Lee began looking for contract employees from Taiwan and India. He found that the technical skills of these professionals were just as impressive, and their salaries were only one-third of those in the United States. Remote collaboration presents more possibilities for the company.

Joey Yu-Ting Lee, winner of the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award, interviewed by The Epoch Times on November 14, 2023. (Reporter: Emma Hsu / The Epoch Times)
On November 14, 2023, Joey Yu-Ting Lee presented the web pages designed by Pixel Canvas. (Reporter: Emma Hsu / The Epoch Times)
On September 23, 2023, Minister Chia-Ching Hsu (left) of the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) presented Joey Yu-Ting Lee with the third annual Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award. (Photo provided by Joey Yu-Ting Lee)

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