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Conference of the Oceanic Regional Association of Overseas Compatriot Organizations Event introduction

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The first Joint Meeting of the Oceanic Regional Association of Chinese Organisations (today's conference of the Oceanic Regional Association of Overseas Compatriot Organisations) was planned in Sydney, Australia in April 1977, with the intention of enabling overseas community leaders in the countries of Oceania to unify patriotic members of the compatriot community, firmly support the ROC (Taiwan) and promote the welfare of compatriot communities. The first annual conference was held in August the same year in Sydney, Australia and was attended by representatives from Oceania and their family members; from that time, the conference has been grandly hosted alternately in the countries of Oceania. Participant numbers are increasing year by year; it is a long-term, multi-function patriotic and fraternal event. It was decided to hold the event every two years at the 28th conference in Auckland in 2015 and to change the name to the Conference of the Oceanic Regional Association of Chinese Organisations.

Most recent conference:
The 34th Conference of Oceanic Regional Association of Overseas Taiwanese and Chinese Organisations was grandly held and came to a successful close on June 22, 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand. 150 representatives attended from New Zealand and Australia.

During the conference, participants discussed and put forward suggestions on the welfare of overseas compatriots and compatriot affairs work in Oceania. 

The conference passed a message of salutation to President Tsai and a joint declaration in support of the government of Taiwan, expressing active support for the government’s policies and firm support for free and democratic Taiwan.

Group Picture of all Participants of the 34th Conference.

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