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2023 Convention for Overseas Compatriots in Central and South America

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The 3rd Convention for Overseas Compatriots in Central and South America was grandly held from April 2nd to 4th in Buenos Aries in Argentina. It was attended by 110 people from 8 countries including Overseas Community Affairs Council honorary staff, overseas community leaders, overseas compatriot youth and politicians from Argentina. The meeting reached consensuses including speaking out for Taiwan, nurturing the young generation and sustainable management of the overseas community in Central and South America and development of overseas compatriot education.

The 3rd Convention opening ceremony grandly began at 9 am on April 3rd with the entry of the convention flag amidst the national anthems of the host country Argentina and the ROC (Taiwan).

In his speech at the opening ceremony, OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan Jhao-syong welcomed the overseas community leaders from across South and Central America who had come together to share their thoughts and put forward valuable suggestions for the reference of the government in formulating future overseas compatriot affairs policies.

In her speech, Taiwan Ambassador Florencia Miao-hung Hsieh of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Argentina invited overseas community leaders to share the development situation in their countries of residence and to provide valuable suggestions on the government's overseas compatriot affairs policies, especially regarding the promotion of citizen diplomacy.

In her speech in the opening ceremony, Lucia, Gott, Chairperson of the Preparatory Committee for the 3rd Convention, expressed the hope that the event will facilitate cross-border communication for overseas compatriot affairs and build an integrated organization platform to promote horizontal contact between overseas communities in different countries; and also enhance the role of OCAC honorary staff and overseas community leaders as bridges for communication between the government and overseas compatriots.

On the afternoon of April 3rd, the "General Session on the Overseas Compatriot Situation" and "General Discussion" were held. Wu Chih-hua, Division Chief of the Economic Division of the TECO in Argentina, presented a report "Taiwan's Economic Situation"; then, exchange of opinions was undertaken, with lively discussion between attending overseas community leaders and overseas compatriot youth representatives. Questions on returning to Taiwan to study, overseas compatriot student education, Taiwan cultural exchange and others were answered one by one by Deputy Minister Ruan and Ambassador Hsieh. In the General Discussion, a joint declaration and the contents of a salutation message for President Tsai were passed, and Guatemala was chosen as the host country of the next convention. The convention flag was handed over in the closing ceremony amidst loud applause, bringing the event to a successful end. 

OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan attended the 3rd Convention for Overseas Compatriots in Central and South America.
OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan gave a speech in the opening ceremony.
OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan gave a presentation on current overseas compatriot affairs work.
Lucia, Gott, Chairperson of the Preparatory Committee for the 3rd Convention for Overseas Compatriots in Central and South America, read out the joint declaration.
The handover was successfully completed, with Guatemala to host the 4th Convention.

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