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Conference of the Asian Regional Association of Overseas Compatriot Organizations

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Event introduction:
The Asian Regional Association of the Overseas Compatriot Organization was established in Bangkok, Thailand in April 1982, afterwhich the very first of the Association's annual meetings was immediately commenced. 
The intention of its founding was to increase the sense of community amongst ethnic Chinese in Asia, strengthen mutual help and cooperation, and promote welfare. The Association's conference was originally held on an annual basis but has, since 1988, been held every two years. Overseas compatriot associations in different countries take turns hosting the event. Because Asia's Chinese population is greater than that of other continents, Asia itself is the largest continent in the world, and political situations and governments vary wildly amongst different countries, the Asian Regional Association of the Overseas Compatriot Organization was established later than its counterparts in Central and South America, Oceania and Europe. Although each conference has been held successfully across Asia, apart from that year's host country's participants, the number of overall participants from other Asian countries has declined year by year. Unfortunately, this event has recently been failing to achieve its original goal of increasing contact with overseas compatriot associations in Asia. 

Most recent conference:
The 2023 Conference for Overseas Compatriots in Asia was held from August 8 to August 9, 2023, in Jakarta, Indonesia. 120 representatives attended from Asia.
During the conference, participants discussed and put forward suggestions on the welfare of overseas compatriots and compatriot affairs work in Asia.
The conference passed a message of salutation to President Tsai and a joint declaration in support of the government of Taiwan, expressing active support for the government's policies and firm support for a free and democratic Taiwan. 

OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan attended the 2023 Conference for Overseas Compatriots in Asia.

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