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2020 OCAC Food Technology & Intelligent Agriculture Visiting Program for Overseas Compatriot Entrepreneurs

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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the 2020 Food Technology & Intelligent Agriculture Visiting Program for Overseas Compatriot Entrepreneurs from November 16 to 19, in order for domestic competitive industries and technology institutes to interact with Taiwanese businesses from around the globe and create more marketing opportunities overseas. The 23 participants from 9 countries (Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, the US, Canada, Sweden and Australia) visited 10 technology institutes and enterprises, including Institute for Information Industry, Agricultural Technology Research Institute, Food Industry Research and Development Institute, NCHU Global Research & Industry Alliance, and Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency. During the visits, participants gained better understanding of Taiwan's advantages and resources in research and development by communicating with representatives from competitive industries in Taiwan. The interactive and fruitful event helped participants find preliminary solutions for their businesses overseas. All participants looked forward to more opportunities like this, so that they could better promote food technology and intelligent agriculture of Taiwan.
In his remark at the closing ceremony on November 19, Chen-Yuan Tung, Minister of the OCAC, encouraged domestic and overseas Taiwanese businesses to take advantage of the "Agricultural Solutions for Domestic and Overseas Taiwanese Businesses Around the Globe", a counseling service co-presented by the OCAC, Agricultural Technology Research Institute, and Agricultural Bank of Taiwan. Tung was positive that the event would not only connected agricultural enterprises and food technology Industries of Taiwan but also help participants thrive and prosper in business back in their countries.
The closing ceremony was hosted by OCAC Minister Chen-Yuan Tung.
Vice Minister Chia-Ching Hsu attended the meal with representatives from various industries.
The closing discussion was hosted by Su-Yan Chang, Director-General of the Department of Overseas Compatriot Business Affairs of the OCAC.
Visiting NCHU Global Research & Industry Alliance
Visiting Food Industry Research and Development Institute
Visiting Agriculture Technology Research Institute
Visiting food technology enterprises

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