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List of winners announced for the OCAC's first Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection

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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) first Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection received an enthusiastic response from overseas compatriots and attracted many entries. The decision of the judges was announced on April 6, with 30 having the honor of being named Global Young Entrepreneur Stars. Congratulations to the winning participants. 

The OCAC invited a panel of judges, who made their selection based on the four indicators of the organizational position, operational innovation, marketing and financial governance of the young entrepreneurs' enterprises. Of the 30 outstanding winners, 13 were women and 17 men; the performance and potential of female entrepreneurs showed they could keep up with their male counterparts. An attending judge said that all the participants performed outstandingly; The judge further commented, "it is by no means easy to develop a business overseas, this competition is intended to encourage them to develop their business and deepen links with Taiwan and, as such, is very meaningful."

OCAC Minister Tung Cheng-yuan pointed out that young entrepreneurs were Taiwan's treasure trove and they had  unlimited future potential. He said, "To assist young entrepreneurs around the world in growing strong and linking the advantages of Taiwan and the overseas community to increase their power and capabilities, the OCAC held the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection for the first time this year, we invited  young entrepreneurs aged under 40 who are persons in charge or senior managers of overseas enterprises to compete against each other. "
The winners will be given one-on-one business planning, operation and marketing consulting and advice on methods by a Taiwan consulting company and mentor; in future, the enterprises will be promoted and experience shared through various media channels. Also, the OCAC will combine with the Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneur Venture Capital Program of the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (WTCC) to provide overseas young entrepreneurs with the funding they need. The Global Young Entrepreneur Stars this time all qualify to apply for the Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneur Venture Capital Fund chaired by honorary president Jackson Yang and can obtain a loan of up to USD100,000 interest-free.
The list of winners is as follows: (in order of number of strokes of names in mandarin):

Ting Yi-chen (Kizuki International/Seattle, US),
Chiang Wang (HAO HAO (S.A.R.L)/France),
Chiayu Wu (MVP Fastlane/California, US),
Daniel Tu (RDI, INC/Chicago, US),
Lin Sheng-xiang (Macro Products,Macro Inc./ California, US),
Cortilia Lin (Kyalio Pte Ltd/Frankfurt, Germany),
Lin Yang-yi (Hai Ye Tea Co. / Ho Chi Minh City),
Lin Zi-wei (First Property/the Philippines),
Duff Lin (Sunwide Master Pty Ltd/Melbourne, Australia),
Amanda Ma (Innovate Marketing Group,Inc./ California, US),
Yuan Shao-ting (Force Tech Co./Ho Chi Minh City),
Hung Kuo-chin (Juzhan Co., Ltd. /Myanmar),
Winnie Wen-Chiung Yen (Causeway Mercantile Ltd/Vancouver, Canada),
Sophia Huang (Eternity Wealth Advisors LLC/California, US),
Huang Yen-lin (H2O Clinical, LLC dba Firma clinical Research, LLC/Maryland, US),
Yale Huang (KUS USA, Inc./Miami, US),
Christina Huang (DISCOVERER SAS/France),
Huang Lu-yi (Nasco Sanitaryware/Thailand),
Yang Shun-kai (PT. CANA HARDWARE INDUSTRY/Indonesia),
Hakeem Yang (COSMAL Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd./Malacca, Malaysia),
Anya (Yatzu) Cheng (Taelor /California, US),
Simon Yeh (Y3L Pty Ltd Trading As "Kind+" KindPlus/Brisbane, Australia),
Kuo Yi-ling (BELLA MEDICAL SUPPLIES PTY LTD/Melbournbe, Australia),
Johnson Yeh (Yeh's Group/Sydney, Australia)
Hsieh Yu-wen (Deerland Tea/ Berlin, Germany),
Zhong Ya-peng (bhv Verlag Gmbh/Frankfurt, Germany),
Tai Feng-I (COX Analytical Systems Sweden AB/Sweden),
Jenny Chien (American Dream Homes, Inc./ Florida,US),
Roye Chien (Ho-Team Construction Co.,Ltd/Dong Nai Province, Vietnam)
Chienwei-hung (Best Sun Technology Ltd/Hanoi City)

The winners of the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection have been announced in https://YES.Taiwan-World.Net on the official OCAC website. Everyone is welcome to read and share.
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