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Young entrepreneur awardees of OCAC Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection 2022 named

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In order to help global young entrepreneurs develop strongly and enhance their development momentum, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan) (OCAC) held the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection contest last year for the first time and it was very well-received. This year, the Selection was held for the second time and saw very enthusiastic participation, with 69 young entrepreneurs in 21 countries on six continents registering. The results of judging were announced on May 11, with 30 people winning the honor of being named "Global Young Entrepreneur Stars".
OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-Ching chaired the selection meeting as well as being a judge. She said that every participating young entrepreneur was really excellent and that competition was fierce. It was unfortunate that some contestants did not receive the award due to the limited number of places. She expressed the hope that young entrepreneurs continue to take part in Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection in future.
The OCAC invited elites from domestic enterprises, government departments, research & development institutes, overseas chambers of commerce and other areas to form a seven-person judging committee. A physical and video judging meeting was held on May 11. Through the two stages of preliminary review of documentation and final review, the selection was carried out on the basis of the criteria of organizational position, operating innovation, marketing, and financial governance of the young entrepreneurs' enterprises. Of the 30 awardees, eight were women and 22 men; 13 were from North America, eight from Asia, three from Europe, three from Oceania, two from Central and South America and one from Africa. The winners will receive one-on-one consulting from expert consultants and business mentors as well as assistance with enterprise promotion and experience sharing through various media channels to help them grow and improve; customized projects will also be provided to help them link with domestic industry-academic cooperation units and research & development institutes to create a win-win situation.
The Global Young Entrepreneur Stars 2022 are as follows (in order of number of  mandarin strokes in surname)
Bernie Ting (Canada)
Ting Hsin-Yu (Germany)
Kyle Lee (USA)
Lee Ya-Chen (Australia)
Richard Lee (New Zealand) 
Lee Fang-Yi (Thailand)
Edison Li (Vietnam)
Lin Tung (USA)
Lin Yu-Hsin (Thailand)
Lin Yi-Ling (Vietnam)
Hu Chih-Wei (Japan)
Jeffrey Yen  (USA)
Chang Hao-Jun (USA)
Jonathan Chen(USA)
Kuo Chung-Yang (Thailand)
Kuo Chang-Hsin (Indonesia)
Jang Shin-Jing (Germany)
Tang Chih-Wei (USA)
Adam Yu (Canada)
Yu Chin-Hao (Japan)
Huang Yen-Wen (Australia)
Tony Peng (South Africa)
Anderson Yu (Venezuela)
Sylvia Tsai (USA)
Tsai Cheng-Kuang (Paraguay)
Joseph Hsiao (USA)
Hsieh Pei-Yin (USA)
Hsieh Tien-Tse (USA)
Samuel Chien (USA)
Tintin Chien (Sweden)
Group photo of the members of the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection 2022 judging committee.
OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-Ching chaired the selection meeting.
Onsite situation of Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection judging.

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