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Taiwan Prime Award Entrepreneur Visiting Program Markets Advantages of Taiwanese Brands

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The OCAC hosted the first "Taiwan Prime Awards "selection in 2021, and to continue assisting the awarded Taiwanese businesses' development and brand promotions, the OCAC arranged for all awardees to visit Taiwan throughout the period between September 18th to 22nd. Participants of the visit included awardees from Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines, Okinawa of Japan, Ohio, LA and Bay Area of California, adding up to a delegation consisting of 19 representatives from 11 awarded companies to visit Taiwan.

A welcoming party was held on September 18th where the OCAC Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan welcomed all attendents on behalf of the OCAC Minister Chia-Ching Hsu. He stated that in order to strengthen the "aftersales services" of the Taiwan Prime Awards, the OCAC will enhance its guidance for transformation and maketing promotion to all awarded companies this year. He added, we hope that through this visit to Taiwan, a cooperation platform will be established so that resources from all sectors may be further consolidated, interaction between home and abroad may be facilitated, the significance of the Taiwan Prime Awards' will be recognized, and the world may see the advantages of Taiwanese brands.

Deputy Minister Ruan stated that, the OCAC has worked together with ICRT and made 30 recordings, in both English and Mandarin, introducing the products and companies awarded,and all of which will be broadcasted on the ICRT channel, to help hese excelling Taiwanese brands and companies shine on the world stage. The awarded companies' representatives are also invited to be interviewed on ICRT so that anyone interested in learning about the awarded products may listen to these interviews on the ICRT official website, APP, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and SoundOn platforms starting October 5th.

The visiting delegation's schedule has been extremely fullfilling; aside from visiting competent government authorities such as the Administration for Digital Industries under the MODA and Bureau of Foreign Trade of the MOEA, they also visited companies in the industry and attended seminars and workshops with professionals and experts in the field. All efforts were invested in the hope for delegation participants to better understand the government's policies regarding overseas compatiort businesses, guide and assist them in industry upgrade and transformation, and strengthen  their marketing efficiency. The OCAC also arranged for all participants to interact with 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars and other winners of awards such as the Model of Entrepreneurs Award, National Award of Outstanding SMEs, and the Golden Ship Award. Through such arrangements, it is hoped that chances for cooperation among overseas compatriot businesses around the world may be further expanded.

2023 Taiwan Prime Award Entrepreneur Visiting Program takes group photo with attending guests at the welcoming banquet.
Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan's remarks.

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