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Receipt of National Pension by Overseas Compatriots with Household Registration Complies with Existing Regulations

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Media reports statedg “several thousand overseas compatriots receive the National Pension. Revision of regulations planned to restrict eligibility...” As “Thousands of overseas compatriots can collect Basic Pension after paying into the National Pension Insurance Fund for only one or two years… with the result that the National Pension Insurance Fund pays out around NT$200 million annually” can easily cause the audience to have misconceptions about overseas compatriots, As the competent agency for compatriot affairs, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) provides the following explanation.

In accordance with the Article 7 of National Pension Act, except for those who participate in civil servant insurance, teacher insurance, labor insurance and military personnel insurance, any ROC citizen between the ages of 25 and 65 who has household registration in the ROC should take part in National Pension Insurance. National Pension Insurance is a compulsory social insurance system. All citizens required to be enrolled by law should enroll compulsorily.

Overseas compatriots returning to reside in the ROC is a natural phenomenon of migration. Those with household registration are required to enroll in National Pension Insurance by law. When certain eligibility requirements are met, they can receive the National Pension; this is the legal right of all people insured under the National Pension Insurance system. There is no distinction made between overseas compatriots and other citizens.

The National Pension is intended to care for citizens, while the insurance system should have a balance between rights and responsibilities. In order to protect the rights and interests of citizens, to put the spirit of the National Pension into practice, to build a compete social safety net, and to ensure the sustainable operation of the National Pension Insurance system, if the competent agency, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, feels that there is a need for addition and revision of payment eligibility and conditions with regard to the National Pension, the OCAC will respect its decision; and, when the time comes, the OCAC will publicize the information to protect the image of overseas compatriots. 
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