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Confidential budget increases every year  OCAC: Totally untrue

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Regarding recent media reports that the confidential budget added in 2018 has increased year by year, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) claims that it is totally untrue, and provides the following clarification:
1. The purpose of the OCAC's overseas compatriot affairs work is to bring together the power of overseas compatriots, promote overseas compatriot unity and harmony with a nonpartisan approach, breakthrough diplomatic difficulties and win the support of friendly overseas compatriot circles for Taiwan. This work not only benefits the national interest but also is related to high level competition with Mainland China, therefore, related work plans and budget execution are not suited to being made public like those of ordinary overseas community service; the aim is to prevent Mainland China from finding out about subsidy information and then making an attempt to steal away diplomatic allies; this is why the Foreign and National Defense Committee decided to allocate a confidential budget in 2018.
2. The OCAC allocates confidential budget according to the principles of necessity and minimization and, as required by law, sends the budget for review to the Legislative Yuan.The OCAC claims that everything is open and transparent under the supervision by the Legislative Yuan. The OCAC's confidential budget for 2018 was NT$108 million, accounting for 7.02% of the OCAC's total budget; for 2020, NT$700 million has been allocated, accounting for 5.41% of the total OCAC budget and showing that there has been no year on year increase.
3. In its overseas compatriot affairs work, the OCAC is guided by the principle of nonpartisanship and administration according to the law. The OCAC appreciates the understanding and support of all. 
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